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Vertical Cut Sheet Laminator comprising of a 5 Roll Sheeting machine This machine is deployed in a cracker line to produce a laminate of multiple sheets of specified thickness stacked one on top of each other.

Salient Features

5 Roll Sheeter Comprising of
One Pair of Grooved Sheeting Rollers on Top
One pair of Ground Gauge Rollers on Bottom
One Grooved Sheeting Roller for Scrap on Top
Gap Between Rolls adjustable
Individual Drive for Each Roll
Customized capacity of Stainless Steel Receiving Hopper
Receiving Hopper is partitioned to keep scrap isolated
from fresh dough.
Closed Loop Pressure Measurement in Compression
Chamber with speed control for top pair of sheeting rolls.
Scrapper with Catch trays provided on Gauge Rolls
Layering Table Assembly Comprising of
Receiving Web
Servo Driven Compensation Table
Pneumatically Actuated Knife Assembly
Servo Driven Layering Table
Delivery Conveyor


Water Circulation in Rolls
Motorized Roll Gap Adjustment
Sheet Thickness Measurement System
Dough Level Control in Receiving Hopper
CE/UL Certification


PLC System with HMI display
Recipe Management System
Digital Gap Readout