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602 Series Rotary


Rotary Moulding machine to produce biscuit shapes
of soft dough varieties.


Soft Dough Biscuits & Cookies

Salient Features

260 mm / 340 mm diameter die roll
Various working widths up to 1.5m band width
Two Individual Drives for Forcing Roll & Die Roll
Individual Drive for Apron
Motorized Knife height Adjustment
Motorized Knife angle Adjustment
Two independent Servo Motors Backup Roll Pressure
Adjustment - side to side
Motorized adjustment for Forcing Roll - Die Roll Gap
Reversible Cross Conveyor for Apron Scrapper
Stainless Steel Receiving Hopper
Modular Unit with Delivery Web
Hygienic Design


Dough Level Control in Receiving Hopper
CE/UL Certification


PLC System with Centralized HMI display
Recipe Management System
Digital Readout of Forcing Roll to Die Roll Gap
Digital Position Readout of Knife Height
Digital Position Readout of Knife Angle
Digital Position readout of Servo Pressure on Backup Roll